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Recruitment of engineers/research assistants in Associate Professor Hang Zhou's research group


School of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Peking University


Hang Zhou (Associate Professor)



Annual Salary

Current Graduate Standards:

Bachelor degree: RMB 100,000 + housing allowance + performance reward

Master's degree: RMB 120,000  + housing allowance + performance award

(Note: Salary of candidates who have participated in the work and have technical development experience can be interviewed)

Position Description

This research group intends to accept 2 engineers/research assistants in the direction of photodetector.

This position is responsible for the research of perovskite photodetectors and industry-university-research cooperation for fingerprint recognition, X-ray detection and image sensor applications.


1. Assist in training postgraduate students;

2. Responsible for daily management and maintenance of experimental equipment;

3. Assist in developing image sensor readout circuit.

Basic Qualifications

1. Major in microelectronics, automation, physics or materials;

2. Fond of studying and enterprising;

3. Good at communication and cooperation, and steady in handling affairs.

Additional Qualifications

Experience in Labview, FPGA, Raspberry Pi, analog circuit development is a plus

Applicant Documents

1. Personal Profile;

2. Scientific and technological Achievements/Graduation thesis;

(Above is electronic file)

Contact Information

Dr. Zhou(


Please prepare a 15-minute PPT to introduce your work and future research plan.

Due Date