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     于浩 - 小.png                                                                         Hao Yu                                         

The postdoc has left the station. He is currently a lecturer in the School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Zhaoqing University. Graduated from Northeast Normal University in 2016 with a doctorate degree in condensed matter physics. As the first author, he has published 3 papers at home and abroad, including 2 papers in SCI journals and 1 paper in EI.

  • Education and work experience:

Optoelectronic devices, transistor devices

  • The main research direction:

1.Hao Yu, Xiyuan Liu, Lizhi Yan, Taoyu Zou, Huan Yang, Chuan Liu, ShengdongZhang, Hang Zhou. “ Enhanced UV-visible detection of InGaZnO phototransistors via CsPbBr3quantum dots”, Semiconductor Science and Technology, 34(12), 125013(2019).

2. H. Yu, L. Zhang, X. H. Li, H. Y. Xu, Y. C. Liu. “Improved mobility and bias stability of thin film transistors using the double-layer a-InGaZnO/a-InGaZnO:N channel”, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 16(4), 3659(2016).

3. Hao Yu, Lizhi Yan, Renzheng Qiu, Xiaote Xu, Wen Luo, Hang Zhou. "Ambipolar solution-processed CH3NH3PbBr3perovskite phototransistors with ultra-thin Al2O3protective layer", IEEE International Conference on Electron Devices and Solid State Circuits, 2018

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